Month: May 2016

Flex Friday

  We know not all athletes are alike. In fact, we know that what works for one, does not work for another.  We all need to strength train. However, how we apply that can vary.  Some need more strength focus while others need more endurance.   On the last Friday of the month, we will …
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Athlete of the Month May Madeline Barta

Congratulations to May’s Athlete of the Month Madeline Barta

Kick-start success

Our 6 week Kick start has come to a close but we couldn’t be more happier with the results!!!   In 6 weeks, our group lost an average 6lbs each and 4″ off their waist, hips, arms, chest.   And all the while, having a great time!   Congrats kick-starters!!!   Let’s do the weight …
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May 2016 Gym Challenge

Every Month, we set a new challenge for you to partake on your own. This not only creates consistency, but helps further you along your fitness goals. These are not required, but why not work on something that will help make you better?   May challenge RX 400 total KB Goblet Lunges with (70/55) S1: …
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