Month: November 2016

Shaun Forward Nov. AOM 2016

Mobility = Flexibility + Strength

I want to take a moment to remember why we work out. Is it the mental break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives? Or is it general fitness that we are trying to gain so that we can live a healthy lifestyle, take care of our kids, and do the things we …
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The Good Kind of Stress

When you finish a CrossFit workout do you feel completely wiped out? Do you work as hard and as fast as you possibly can? If you do, you are creating good stress on your body. Stress creates adaptation. It usually goes one of two ways. With minimal effort, you do not put enough stress on your body. …
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A 3 Min Warm up for Overhead Movements

  3 min Warmup for Overhead Movments Need a quick warm up to loosen up the shoulders, bicep, and tricep in preperation for handstands, snatches, presses.      

Kristi Parker Oct. AOM 2016


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