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Do It Right

Do It Right One of the things I love about CrossFit is that it has allowed me do things and accomplish feats that I never though possible. When I walk into the box I am ready to do more and more. I feel like I can do anything. I have become addicted to that feeling. …
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David M. AOM February 2017

What are we actually working with when we mobilize?

Have you ever wondered what that gewy film is on a chicken breast? Its called myofacia and guess what, we have it all over our body. It surrounds and contains muscle, helps tissue glide on one another and can often times restrict motion. I want you to check out this short video. You don’t have …
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Perspective on RX

It’s been almost 8 years since I first started coaching CrossFit and 11 in the CrossFit circle. In those eight years, I’ve met 1000’s of athletes and coached many hours of group classes. During this time, I have gathered certain coaching perspectives that I believe, could be detrimental to your progress in the gym, and …
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Expanded HX Classes

H-town Nation, Over the last year and half, we added another type of class called H|X. We offered this as a Saturday option for those looking for more and different from our core offering which is CrossFit. We clearly heard that you love our core program and coaches and it’s what keeps you coming back. …
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Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone

Feel like your fitness is hitting a wall?  Want to get better?  Find a way to push through your comfort zone and reach the next level. CrossFit is not an easy sport, is it because it’s hard physically, mentally, or both? Your mind is a powerful thing, it can help you get through the tough …
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